About Meraki Studios
A place where stories are told, and magnificent brands are captured.
My name is Elise Wiebes and I am a solo-filmmaker who develops, produces and delivers video content, driven by purpose across the modern digital ecosystem, along with passion and with enthusiasm. Rooted in travel and hospitality, I produce branded content, advertising, and documentaries focusing on storytelling combined with beautiful and strong visuals. 
With a background in business, I started Meraki Studios three years ago as a one-person video production company to further develop my passion in cinematography, with the vision of growing into a group of dedicated freelancers to take your project to the next level. I believe in taking on each video project as its own entity. I find out what you need to bring your idea to life.
Within my workflow I believe in meaningful relationships, to build on each other’s strengths, visions and passions. What I aspire most is capturing the ideas in your head into reality, and leave the audience with a lasting impression. 
Come tell me what’s on your mind. I look forward to collaborate with you.
Based in Holland, available worldwide.